Zapier NLA


  1. Log in or sign up to Zapier

  2. Connect your Zapier account to the NLA dev provider.

  3. Your API key will be available on the credentials page.


Zapier NLA

  1. Click Add a new action

  2. Input Zoho Mail: Send Email into Action field then choose or connect new account

  3. Leave everything as default and click Enable action


  1. Go to Marketplaces, scroll to the very bottom and click Zapier NLA

  1. Click Use Template

  2. Fill in required fields OpenAI Api Key and Zapier NLA API Key, click Save Chatflow

  3. Ask MRKL Agent to perform action

Send a Zoho email to, body content is Testing Zapier NLA.

5. You should see the email arrived in your Zoho mailbox


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